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Lithium ion is often used with the materials cobalt and/or manganese. Their special property is the high energy density.

lithium iron phosphate

Lithium iron phosphate cells are characterized by their high current capability and high number of cycles.

lithium polymer

Lithium polymer cells have a prismatic design and are used in many ways in the IT sector.

lithium metal

Lithium metal cells are not rechargeable, but usable for up to 10 years.


Due to the low internal resistance of NiCd accumulators, they can supply high currents. NiCd batteries are (also for this reason) mainly used in model making and other high current applications.

nickel metal hydride

Nickel metal hydride is considered the successor to nickel cadmium, without memory effect. Ni-MH cells deliver about twice the energy density at the same voltage, so they last twice as long in operation, roughly calculated.

lead-acid battery

Lead-acid accumulators are characterized by their ability to draw high currents for short periods of time. This property is necessary, for example, for vehicle and starter batteries. Lead-acid batteries can achieve a relatively long service life of several years with regular care.